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Welcome to the Official website for HANNA instruments' Backpack Lab series of educational products! The Backpack Lab product line strives to enrich students' science experiences in the classroom, by providing quality experiments for students to execute, that are based on the 21st Century Skills as well as the Science and Engineering Practices.

Through Backpack Lab's interactive website, teachers and students can work together to easily plot the data they've collect, enjoy fun science activities, as well as connect with students across the country by comparing data and results. Overall, the Backpack Lab series of educational products are great for any classroom as they bridge the gap between science and technology.

Look for “Buzzy the Bee-cause Bee” as he guides you through the Backpack Lab experience! Buzzy is known to encourage students to use their reasoning skills to understand the data they have collected. Buzzy prompts students to think thoroughly about the experiments they have conducted and the data they have collected to fully understand what their results actually mean.

Hanna Instruments Founded in 1978, HANNA Instruments, a family owned ISO 9001 certified company, has been a world leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation that offers over 3000 products to its customers.

Millions of professionals worldwide have relied on HANNA's quality, performance, dependability and service for all their laboratory, wastewater, pool and spa, wine and brew, aquaculture, aquariums, agriculture, hydroponics, greenhouse, educational, water conditioning, industrial, food and environmental testing needs. HANNA has a network of over 40 subsidiaries in 32 countries worldwide.


Buzzy the Bee-cause Bee welcomes you to! Look for Buzzy throughout this site to give you challenge questions and fun facts.
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